Awesome! I don’t know how else to describe this video.  Just pure unadulterated awesomeness.   This is precisley why I didn’t want to waste God’s time praying for that girl who was lost at sea.  Because he’s too busy making youtubes like this.   Like if you think that it was an accident that Wally Backman was miked up for this than you are a fool.   No way.    This has God written all over it.   He even made sure the guy who was arguing balls and strikes name was “Doc” just for emphasis.   Hilarious stuff.

“Let’s go get a beer Doc”

PS – I give everybody who works in cubeville permisson to tell their boss to “take their report and shove it up their ass”    Wally Backman’s words not yours.

Double PS – I’ve watched this like 20 times now and I think my favorite part is the move Wally Backman puts on the 2nd base ump at the 40 second mark.  He just spins that guy around like a top.    Like the 2nd base ump thinks he’s going after the other guy and instead he beelines it to the plate.   Hey dude you just got owned.