So at the SKYY party in Miami last week I interviewed Ocho Cinco.  Unfortunatly it was dark as shit in the Cabana so the video didn’t come out at all.   It sucks because it’s hard to describe just excited he was to talk to me.  Not even joking.  Some bro from ESPN interviewed him before me and he was laying down twittering the whole time.   When I got in the Cabana and asked him about Belichick it was like the entire place lit up.  Anyway we had our intern transcribe the interview.  This is what Ocho Cinco said…

PRES - “How bad do you wanna play for Belichick? ….Give it to me. Give it to me.”

OCHO CINCO“This man’s funny. I got nothing but respect for the entire city of Cincinnati for my entire ten years, but everybody knows about Belichick and I relationship……To be able to play for an organization like that I’d be the happiest player in the world. To me if any player can play their they have that respect…. But I’m under contract and unless something happens when the lockout ends and I wind up in New England….”

PRES - “We’re a boston blog, so thats why we asked we love belichick we worship belichick ever since he’s done anything. we following every move every time we see you making your little… I even saw the look you made when I said belichick. little stars came up in your eyes. thats all I’m saying. thats it. we’d love to have you.”

OCHO“Me and him are like this.” it’s so cool. you know, before the game, it’s so funny every year he let’s me know. ‘you’re not catching shit. double 185 is the coverage.’ he says it every year in the pre-game. the dude is a… I don’t know how he does it. I don’t know how they do it as a whole. it’s unbelievable.” A lot of people say my style of play would be weird in that system but the thing they don’t realize is that I don’t have to be Chad Johnson. I don’t have to be Ochocino in the media, because I’m finally getting what I’ve wanted. Winning. Winning. Listen, I create this party, I create this guy that loves football that’s like a little kid out there. I know I get to camp July 26, when January gets here I’m done. So I’m trying to cram as much fucking fun as possible into the games as I can.” Listen, I’m just saying, yo, I wouldn’t have to do that shit. I wouldn’t have to celebrate. Celebrate for what? I’ll score 30 fucking times! They wouldn’t have a fucking chance! You know? You understand what I’m saying? Belichick knows me, see, this is what I love about the New England Patriots. I’m close to that man on a personal level, they already know that behind the fun, behind the celebrations, they know how hard I work. They’re the ones…they’re the ones ESPN wanna say, ‘Oh he can’t play no more.’ Ask the players there next time you see ‘em. As Belichick next time you see him.”

Pres‘We got a spot waiting for you. I know it’s gonna happen eventually. I know you can’t say it. I know it’s happening. I know it’s happening. I saw the sparkle when I mentioned his name. I saw the sparkle. You weren’t expecting that question, and then you were like ‘ohh’”

Ocho – (laughing). Alright thanks man, have a good time”

And just in case you think I’m making it up here is the useless youtube that Sales guy fucked up….