Every fucking day I get emails from people. “Hey Pres you need to start Wash DC. Hey Pres you need to start Cleveland. Hey Pres you need to start LA. Hey Pres you need a Southern blog.” On and on it goes. Hey newsflash assholes. Hiring new writers is my #1 priority in life. I’ll hire anybody anywhere if I think they got the chops. Boston, Philly, LA, you name it. I’ll hire your ass. But here is the thing. As I’ve said 1 billion times sending me an email telling me that you’re awesome does nothing. I don’t even read it. If you want to be considered set up a sample blog. Let me see what it would look like for a couple days. Send me the link. If we’re interested we’ll get back to you. If not we won’t. If you already blog somewhere else but want to join the A team send us an email. If you know a blog that is awesome and we need to hire the guy who writes it send it to us. We are looking for the best of the best. We’re like 3 or 4 guys/cities away from literally taking over the entire internet. Be that guy. Or work in a cube the rest of your life. Your choice.


Send all blog links and submissions to tips@barstoolsports.com