DM - Doctors are testing a drug that could stop alcohol making people drunk. The researchers believe iomazenil, taken before drinking, might negate some of alcohol’s effects on the brain. They hope that by stopping alcohol from getting to work on particular brain cells, iomazenil could help in developing a ‘stay sober’ pill to wean heavy drinkers off alcohol by taking some of the pleasure out of drinking

Saying I don’t understand this would be an insult to not understanding things. Make a drug that stops alcohol from working? They already have that, it’s called sobriety. Its side effects make you boring, a morning person, and as holier-than-thou as it gets. Seriously what is the point of this? When people drink they want the alcohol to affect their brain. They want to get stupid drunk so they can talk to girls and pretend to know how to dance and fight a person who “looked at them funny.” If you didn’t want to get drunk, you’d stay home and have a Diet Sprite.