NYDailyNews – Surveillance photos obtained by the Daily News show Yankees general manager Brian Cashman at a bar with his accused stalker and then slipping out of her apartment building the next morning. The images at the Landmarc restaurant that Louise Neathway say were captured on the night of Jan. 19 show her and Cashman huddled together while seated at the bar. A second set of time-stamped photos and video show a man she says is Cashman creeping into her Tribeca apartment building after dinner.  “It was a really good night,” the British blond recalled. Cashman and his alleged stalker shared the playful dinner just 12 days before Neathway was arrested. The meal in lower Manhattan was also a day after prosecutors say the woman extorted money from Cashman. Approached Tuesday in Florida, where the Bombers are in spring training, the Yankees executive had little to say. “I’ve got no comment,” he said. Neathway, on the other hand, was chatty from Rikers Island. She poked fun at Cashman leaving her apartment with his hat drawn down. “I’d say, ‘Who do you think you are, Derek Jeter?’ Cashman, the father of two, said he paid Neathway $6,000 in hush money — only to have her demand another $15,000. Neathway, whose brushes with the law include 13 orders of protection against her, is currently jailed on $200,000 bond.

Listen I know this story is old news, but I just had to chime in here.   I mean really Cashman?   This is who you had an affair with?   Like I know Cashman ain’t a good looking bro, but neither am I.   And I know I can definitely fuck at least 7’s becauase of what I do. (Maybe 8’s and 9’s if my surfer hair is on point) So how can the GM of the New York Yankees settle for this?   It makes no sense.   Like if you’re going to cheat on your wife, get blackmailed and mocked by a slut at least make the pussy worth it.   Or at least be blackout drunk.    There is just no excuse for this.  None whatsoever.   He must just have the worst game in the history of games.   Seriously if you have a job that normal people lie to chicks and say they have and you still can’t fuck good looking girls than you deserve to get your ass blackmailed.