Well I guess if your gonna pound off while driving you might as well own it. Like this guy has nothing to hide. He’s like hey bros, whatsup? Yeah that’s right, just getting a quick tug in. Alright I’ll catch you later! Completely unabashed by his public high speed masturbation, and frankly I have no choice but to respect his confidence.

PS – Pizza Boy called into KFC Radio last week and told everyone how he was driving across country beating his dick like it owed him money. Except he said that he had Youjizz loaded up on his cell phone and was watching that, jerking it and driving. Awful. Everyone knows when you’re masturbating and driving you leave the porn out of it. Just you, your hand, and the open road. You get off to the wind in your face and the feeling of adventure. Seriously clean up your mobile jerkoff game Pizza Boy. You’re doing it like a noob.