When the 2012 college football schedule was announced, everyone looked at Notre Dame at USC and assumed that game would send the No. 1 team in the country to the national championship.  And they were right.  Only it was the team no one expected.  A goal line stand that saw Southern Cal get NINE plays of goal-to-go and FIVE cracks at the end zone from inside the 2 seals the deal.  And the the team of George Gipp, Rudy and Montana Mazurkiewicz beat the team of Reggie Bush’s vacated Heisman and OJ Simpson.  Now a year that started on a soccer pitch in Dublin will end in Miami against whatever football factory school manages to survive in the SEC.  But the Irish don’t have to worry about popularity contests or computers or the electoral college in the swing states or any such nonsense because they got it done the old fashioned way: On the field, the way God intended.  From unranked to undefeated.