UFO Sightings DailyDate of sighting: September 3, 2011

Location of sighting: Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

The game was paused twice due to lightening strikes, one of which actually hit the building. The sports reporters began talking about the lighting, getting the cameramen too focus on it. As they looked at the lightening, other objects (whitish) were flying about in the clouds. One of these objects was recorded going straight then suddenly made a sharp curve disappearing into the same cloud that a few seconds earlier shot lighting out. These three questions come to mind.

1) Did the UFOs cause it by accident?

2) Did the UFOs cause it on purpose?

3) Where they just hiding in the clouds and had nothing to do with it?

Hard to tell, but very glad it was caught on video.

You know, this hasn’t been an easy couple of decades to be a Notre Dame football fan.  But one thing you’ll never catch us Irish fans doing is making excuses.  You won’t catch us whining about how it’s tougher to win with high academic standards.  Or squawking about our players being expected to attend classes and graduate.  Or bitching about losing players to corrupt programs.  Nope.  Being a Domer means playing like a champion despite all that.  But you’ve got to admit, it’s hard to win when frigging aliens are buzzing your stadium.  If movies have taught me anything, it’s that UFOs screw up everything.  Radio communications.  The weather.  Jeff Goldblum’s satellite TV transmissions.  For all we know, this alien ship was here to communicate with humpback whales like in Star Trek VI and disrupted the Irish offense in the process.  How else do you explain a 14-point swing on a 95 yard fumble return or your quarterback throwing ridiculously boneheaded interceptions in the endzone? So as usual, I agree with the fine people at UFO Sightings Daily.  I too am glad this was caught on video.  And I hope the polls take this into account.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  Sheila Aliens, you know I love you, but “Notre Dahm” is a girl’s school in Hingham.  Get it right.