The first 3 times I watched this video I couldn’t understand why it was sent to me. I was like no big deal.    But then I watched it again and realized what happened.     At first I didn’t even notice the kid on the lawn in the Heat jersey because I thought he was part of the OSU frat. Nope he was a Hurricane Fan who got right in the face of that entire OSU house and then took a fucking swing at a kid, all while doing the Canes chant dressed in a Lebron Miami Heat shirt. For those keeping score at home Cleveland is in Ohio. Yikes!    Seriously has anybody in the history of earth ever disrespected anybody more than that guy did? He may as well have just shit in his hand and stuffed it in Chris Speilman’s face.      And yet somehow I don’t even think he got touched?     Unless there is more footage that we didn’t see, but it didn’t look like it.      So yeah Ohio State beat Miami, but this frat lost big time. Embarrassing. This would never happen at Michigan. Rich Rod would have beat the fuck out of this kid so fast it would have made your head spin.