Is anybody surprised by this story?  This is what Ohio State does. Just loves picking on the little guy. Picking on the Nebraska’s and MSU’s of the world. Or the little pizza delivery boy who is just trying to carve out a living. Just trying to get by. Threatening anybody who says anything bad about the program. Daring anybody to stand up to their lying, cheating and institutional chaos. That’s why as long as Ohio State exists, as long as Luke Fickel’s wife is getting pizza delivery boys fired we need the Brady Hoke’s of the world. A man, a team, an institution strong enough to stand up to this evil. Thank god for Brady Hoke. Thank god for Michigan.

PS – 25 year old pizza boy? Clearly an Ohio State graduate too.  That’s the ironic part.

Double PS – This reporter was kind of a hardo right? Like slamming down the phone and sticking the pizza box in the camera’s face. We get it honey. You don’t have to try and win an Oscar recreating it for us.