C’mon man.  Not today. I don’t have time for this shit. I’m putting out fires everywhere.   I don’t have time to get nagged to death by a couple fat chicks who are mad I didn’t accept them as smokeshows.   You’re fat!  It’s not my fault god made you gross.  I can’t change that.   But don’t you dare say the gays are against us.  That a bold faced lie.  The gays are on our side.  I know that for a fact.  I’ve never met a queer who doesn’t love us.   They get our jokes.  The get me.  They get Lambert.   You can have all the ugly chicks.  They can protest all they want.  I don’t want them anyway..  But the sassy gays roll with me.  That’s a fact.

Oh and a side note we don’t condone rape.  Not sure where that stereotype came from?   Is it because we say a girl is hot?   Well either way let me clear that up.  I want a safe campus where hot chicks can dress as slutty as they want and act as slutty as they want and fuck whoever they want without being judged.   And that’s exactly how our Northeastern Blackout Party will be on Wednesday night.     Fat chicks not invited.

PS – I don’t know what misogyny means but if it’s good we’re it and if it’s bad we’re not.