Weei - The Orlando Sentinel executed a midseason Q&A session with the Magic’s version of Danny Ainge — President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith — and he essentially called the Celtics a bunch of fake tough guys. Here’s the exchange: Sentinel: One could argue the Celtics are tough. Smith: They act tough. They’re not really tough. They act tough.

So this is the new era we live in now.  People think they can just talk shit about us and we’ll fold like a tent.    We need to put an end to this shit ASAP.    I mean I don’t even know what this guy means? The Celts only act tough? The results say something different bro. I mean with a healthy KG we’ve won 1 title and lost in Game 7. How much tougher can you be than that?  If anybody acts tough and isn’t tough it’s the Magic. That’s why you had to trade half their team away and start from scratch.  Fuck this guy.  I’m tired of this shit.   We need to start making people pay for their sins and indiscretions.   Like cripple their asses.