Boston.com- Papa Gino’s, a Dedham-based chain known for its pizza, said it is bringing back a line of burgers as it looks to further diversify its menu. The menu will include three angus burgers, the Classic, the Mushroom Swiss and the Bacon Cheddar. Pricing starts at $5.99 for the Classic Single Burger/Fry Meal. The chain said it had previously offered burgers but had taken them off its menu about a decade ago. “The Classic is a take on Papa Gino’s famous Papa Burger that was popular from the 1970s through the mid 1990s,” the chain said. In a statement, Papa Gino’s president and chief executive Rick Wolf said, “Guests are looking for more variety in their dining, and we felt that the Papa Gino’s Burger Line would complement our signature pizza portfolio and give our guests another reason to visit their local Papa Gino’s restaurant.”

First of all I refuse to believe that Papa Gino’s ever sold burgers in the past. That’s obviously just their way of softening the blow of what has to be the worst idea of all time. Seriously if you order a burger from Papa Ginos you deserve to get shot in the face or at the very least salmonella poisoning. You really do. I never understand shit like this. Like does Papa Ginos really think this is going to increase their business? That somehow more people will go there now because they offer burgers? It’s insane.   Listen if you want pizza you go to Papa Ginos.    If you want a hamburger you got to McDonalds.    But once you start mixing the two you suddenly become the grossest place on the planet and now people who want pizza won’t even go there.

PS – Yeah I know lots of subshops serve both, but those are little subshops.   Not chains.   Maybe I’ll ask Tony Pizza Junior about this on our radio show today.