DM Girl-on-girl action is the kind of bravado most men jeer on – so long as their girlfriend isn’t involved. And it has been reported that after Paris Hilton embarked on a same-sex kiss with a fellow member of the female species, her latest boyfriend River Viiperi was later arrested for misdemeanor battery. TMZ are claiming that the alleged victim told police that 21-year-old model Viiperi ‘punched him in the face sometime around 2.30am… and injured him so badly, he needed medical attention.’

I’ve thought about this situation a lot. I don’t want to come off with the wicked bro statement like “dude lesbians are awesome! who gives a shit if your girl hooks up with other chicks!” But at the same time, I really can’t see myself caring. If my girlfriend hooked up with a chick I just can’t picture myself getting upset and beating the shit out of the other boyfriend. I mean if she went and got double teamed in the bathroom then we’d have an issue but what’s the harm in some drunken tonsil hockey between two broads? Plus it’s Paris Hilton. I’ve seen her giving a terrible blowjob bro. Not exactly some delicate flower you have this spiritual bond with.