Hey fellas, I got a pretty good idea what he wants. And it ain’t a fucking social media happy birthday. Maybe a contract for longer than a year so the next time he gets damn near decapitated running a 5 yard in he can still buy his smoking hot wife some new jewelery? Seriously this is the most devastating news I’ve seen come out of the Welker negotiations. Wasn’t phased by the franchise tag, wasn’t phased by Welker refusing to sign and I wasn’t phased by Welker not showing up to OTA’s. All that is par for the course in today’s NFL. But a social media happy birthday? The fucking lowest of the low. Probably the most insincere form of communication in the world today. It screams “hey I really don’t care enough to have an extended conversation, but I’d like to leave the possibility of fucking again on the table in case it comes up at a later date.” Total spit in the face. I honestly feel like they’re just patronizing the fuck out of him on purpose with this. Real weird move.