Sporting NewsThere are many ways to woo your lady love, but none is more romantic than holding aside a ticket for her (without her knowing) at the ballpark where your minor league team plays. And I don’t mean once or twice. I mean putting aside a ticket pretty much every home game for three years…. In the case of Daniel Nava, player for the Class AAA Pawtucket Red Sox, it was the less fanciful latter option to get the attention of his beloved, ESPN’s Erin Andrews. But, hey, if it ends up working, I doubt he’d much complain.

I’m sure Daniel Nava will take more than his share of grief over this.  There’ll be people lining up to attack him for being audacious enough to think the hottest piece of ass in the world of sports will pass up the chance to bang millionaire ballplayers, superstar recording artists, movie stars or me, just to go chasing after some career minor leaguer who spends half his life rattling around on buses between Raleigh-Durham and Lehigh Valley.  But me? I admire Danial Nava.  A kid with this kind of spirit can drink from my canteen any time.  It’s this kind of faith that made a skinny kid from San Diego think he could hit .400, a team that was down 3 games to none believe they could win it all, and a pasty faced, creepy billionaire think he could find true love.

Don’t stop believin’, Daniel Nava.  May you someday drink champagne out of Erin Andrews’ belly button in the World Series champions’ locker room.

Editors Note

There is no way that Erin Andrews doesn’t show up now with all the national attention this story is getting.    This is right up her alley.   Oh what somebody likes little old me and think I’m hot?   Oh shucks.  I guess I’ll show up with my shaved box and fuck him.