DM – Charlotte Casiraghi has become the latest public figure to spark anger for wearing a Native American costume. The Monaco royal, 26, who chose the ensemble to participate in the Gucci-sponsored Paris Masters International Jumping Competition this weekend, was branded ‘ignorant’ and ‘racist’ by Tumblr users, many of whom appeared to be royal fans, judging by their usernames. Royalwatcher wrote on the site: ‘I don’t know who told her it was cute to dress in traditonal [sic] clothing of Native American but gurlll, I’m judging you and not in the good way.’ Another, named Prin-ses-ka-ro-leen, added: ‘Dear Charlotte Casiraghi, American Indians still endure racism, ignorance and abuse on a regular basis simply because they are Native. You displayed terribly poor judgment in your choice of “outfit.”‘And Icaughtafallingdream wrote: ‘It’s not cute and it’s not funny. It’s just insulting and dumb.’ The costume certainly adds fuel to an already heated debate about representation of Native Americans in popular culture.

Ugh. It’s the “we can’t be insensitive to Native Americans” bullshit again. I hate this. I actually kinda have firsthand experience with it. My highschool – Natick High – changed their name from Redmen to Redhawks right after I graduated because some salty lesbian cunts led by an ultra-dyke named Ms. Caradonna thought it was insulting to Native Americans. How is honoring them and taking pride in wearing their name and symbol insulting? I’ll never understand that thought process. You don’t hear this argument about any other group of people except Indians.

You wanna dress up like a white Irish/Scottish daywalker Jew? Be my guest. You won’t hear any complaints from me. And I’m pretty sure the Jews had it a little bit harder than the Native Americans. You think Malaria is bad? Try building pyramids bro. Shit is whack. And just when we thought we were in the clear WW2 comes along and kicks us right in the dick. And not to mention the “Irish Need Not Apply” signs and potato famines the other side of my heritage went through. But you think I give a shit if you put on a yamaka, fill your kilt with pennies, get drunk on Manischewitz and beat your wife? I don’t care. Thanks for the shoutout.

Seriously Native Americans might be the softest pussies going these days. Even worse is when someone with absolutely no Native American blood goes on a campaign like they’re a fucking moral superhero. Shut up. Worry about yourselves. If the Monaco princess wants to ride a horse in a headdress I say she has every right to without hearing a bunch of PC police yelling in her pretty hot face. It’s like Indians are trying to wipe themselves off the map again. We’re paying you homage fools. Just take the compliment and give me another $100 in chips.