Onward State – The Boston College Women’s Soccer team is already in town for tomorrow’s 7:30 p.m. match against Penn State at Jeffrey Field, and one of its players is — to put it lightly — “talking some trash.” Hailing from Winchester, Massachusetts, sophomore forward Stephanie McCaffrey (daughter of Jim and Gina McCaffrey) took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to voice her displeasure with having to play at Penn State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Stephanie (@stephyymac), whose Twitter bio is “Just off the binky, time to get kinky,” had this to say: If you attend the game tomorrow, it might be in your best interest to boo number nine every time she touches the ball. But if the ignorance and vitriol of these Tweets reaches the Boston College coaches, chances are she won’t be seeing the field anyway.

(UPDATE 5:06 p.m. — It appears Stephanie has deleted her Tweets, as well as her entire Twitter account. What a shame.)


Wah, Wah, Wah. Big bad Stephanie McCaffrey is picking on Penn State. She’s making Sandusky jokes. Boo hoo, boo hoo. Grow up Penn State. You don’t want people making Sandusky jokes? Maybe you should have fired him 30 years ago instead of giving him an office in the football headquarters and turning the other cheek when he was diddling little boys in the shower.   Just a thought.  Don’t project the blame. So Stephanie made a few jokes.  Big whoop.  Jerry Sandusky was top 5 Halloween costumes I saw this year. Everybody was poking fun at it.  Don’t make it seem like she’s the only one in the history of earth to say stuff like this.  Now Sean Sylvia on the other hand should probably keep his mouth shut. Like why don’t you beat Army before you start making fun of Penn State who despite all their problems would still beat BC by 40.

PS – I will admit I’m kind of amazed by people who still don’t seem to grasp the concept of twitter and facebook yet.  Like hey I posted that on Twitter! That was private!

UPDATE – Here is the official response that Stephanie MCaffrey emailed to every Penn State student  that complained presumably at gun point.  Now PSU students are posting it on their twitter cuckholding BC.