Source – A Pennsylvania city councilman is feeling the heat after allegedly sending a test email calling a friend “gay” over a citywide transit alert system. Councilman Matt Staniszeweski of Washington, Pa. reportedly sent out an email alert that read, “Alert: This is an [sic] test. Brian is gay,” according to KDKA. Staniszeweski was quickly reprimanded by Washington Mayor Brenda Davis, calling the remark “inappropriate” and “not very professional,” the Observer-Reporter notes. Though he did not deny sending the email, Staniszeweski released a statement in which he noted, “It’s offensive and unprofessional for the Mayor to assume one definition of the word when there are multiple definitions.” Interestingly, Davis also responded to Staniszeweski’s claim. “His response was that he sent it out and it wasn’t him saying Brian is gay. He said gay means happy,” Davis is quoted by WPXI as saying. “Maybe in the 1950s that’s what it meant, but we are in a new era now and that doesn’t represent the City of Washington.”


I don’t care how old a guy gets or what his profession is. Calling your friend gay is always hilarious. A+ joke. Works 100 out of 100 times. Dude you’re gay. Nothing better. Simply a timeless classic. Whether you say it to his face, on the phone, Twitter, text, citywide transit alert email, whatever. It’ll always be a can’t miss line. It’s how heterosexual males communicate and bond and if you don’t think it’s right then that’s your problem. When guys are with their friends it’s essentially one giant homo joke. You’re such a faggot. Fuck you cocksucker. Dude could you be any gayer? And on and on it goes. The more you joke, the better friends you are with the person. Just look at the Barstool comment section. They joke about gay stuff with the writers all the time so clearly they  consider us best friends.

In my mind this guy’s only misstep was trying to convince people that he meant “gay” in the old-time, happy sense. C’mon dude, really? You expect people to buy that? You meant that your friend sucks boners and guess what? That’s perfectly fine. I like when politicians humanize themselves and there’s no better way for someone to connect with the important 18-35 male demographic then claiming his friend is a homo. If I lived in PA you’d have my vote.

Brian is gay. Haha. Fucking classic.