So we are looking at making flags to sell on Barstool.   Our design guy sent me this sample today.  I fucking loved it.  I honestly thought it was just about the best thing I’d ever seen in my life.  I had visions of thousands of these things flying at Countryfest and all over beaches throughout New England. I literally called up everybody in my office and showed them the picture and was bragging about how awesome it was.  Everybody was like yeah that’s sick.  Wrong. Turns out people are saying I’m a terrorist and shit now.  This Dan Magoon guy trying to get Veterans to burn down our office.  Acting like Barstool is an Al Qaeda sleeper cell. People saying they’re never gonna read Barstool again and that I need to move to Palestine. Apparently this violates Rule #3 in the flag handbook which I didn’t even know existed.  Never seen anything like it. I still don’t even get it. I’ve showed it to a million people and they don’t get it. It’s supposed to be a a Barstool pro America flag. Kind of like the same exact thing as our Stars and Stools shirt. I guess shirt rules don’t apply to flag rules? I mean people know it’s starfish and stools on it right?  It’s not an American flag.  It’s a Barstool flag.  Like Barstool is Team America. Love troops, love America, Love Barstool. That’s the message I wanted to convey and thought it conveyed.  Nope. I might as well have burned the America flag the way people are reacting. I guess those are the breaks? One minute you’re a hero next minute your Bin Laden.   Oh well.   I hope no Pro America people burn down our office because it will be hard to raise any more money for Wounded Warriors if that happens.   Seriously though I think anybody who has read more than 1 sentence on Barstool knows we’re as pro troop as it gets and obviously no disrespect was intended. I guess we won’t be making these bad boys after all.