DM – Guests at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, drank, bathed in and brushed their teeth with water from a roof-top tank where a Canadian tourist’s body floated, decomposing, for nearly three weeks.¬†Authorities have confirmed that the body found in a tank on Tuesday is Eliza Lam, a 21-year-old University of British Columbia who disappeared on February 1.¬†Police still don’t know how Lam died or even how she ended up on the roof of the hotel – which is protected by locked doors and an alarm. Tourists staying at the run-down Skid Row hotel said they were shocked by the discovery of a body in the hotel’s water supply. ‘The water did have a funny taste,’ Sabrina Baugh, a British tourist who used the water in the hotel for eight days, told CNN. ‘We never thought anything of it. We thought it was just the way it was here.’ Ms Baugh and her husband Michael said they were disgusted by the revelation.


Imagine turning on the news in your room and seeing the hotel you’re staying at? “Oh look honey, our hotel is on TV.” Then the news anchor says that a dead body has been found in the drinking water supply just as you take a sip of your drinking water? Puke fucking city. This hotel has to refund everyone right? Give them their money back and free bottle of bleach to drink? It’s bad enough that you gotta sleep in semen covered sheets, but dead body juice from the faucet? That’s just too far. But I’m sure, as is the common practice in the hospitality and tourism industry, they’ll just give these people a free night stay or a voucher to get half price off next time they come.

Cecil Hotel…Now 100% dead body free!