NFL.comPhilip Rivers calls it quits

00:24 – San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is sacked by Elvis Dumervil in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, forcing an upset Rivers to walk off the field letting the final seconds roll off the game clock.

Click here for the video which is unembedable.  Thanks, Roger Goodell.

So there you have it.  Everything you need to know about the most underachieving team of our generation, all in one 24-second package.  An NFL quarterback walking off the field on 3rd down with ticks left on the clock instead of hustling his team to the line and trying to get a last play off.  Did he have much of a shot?  Hell no.  But that’s not the point.   But the point is you play… to win… the game.  There are two kinds of people.  The ones who fight to the end and the kind who take their ball and go home while there’s still a chance.  As The Clash put it, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun? And this explains why the Chargers are the Chargers.  Every year the Chargers are loaded with talent and poised to make a move.  They’re the team of tomorrow and always will be.  But they manage to Norv it up year after year after year.  Like two years ago when they led the league in offense AND in defense and still managed to not only Norv the season up so bad they missed the playoffs, they actually were eliminated with a week to go.

But in a roundabout way, this also demonstrates why the Patriots are the Patriots.  As I predicted this morning, the whole region has its panties in a bunch about Gronk getting hurt on an extra point.  The answer is because that’s the Patriots way.  You stand on the accelerator and you stay there until the clock says 0:00.  Once in a great while it costs you, like when you lose the best tight end in the game on a meaningless kick.  But it’s the same attitude that makes you you.  Always competing.  Never having a bad season.  And that’s what these misguided shit stirrers blaming Belichick for a freak injury don’t get.  You dress 47 guys for every game.  Your Extra Point Unit doesn’t have a depth chart.  The blockers go in and block when it’s time for them to go in and block.  Whether they’re superstars or full time Special Teams guys. Sure I agree that it’s always best to take a player off the field on the play before he gets hurt.  But life doesn’t work like that.  So you decide if you’re going to be the Patriots and go full tilt full time, or if you’re going to be San Diego and decide you’ve had enough and it’s time to call it a night. I know which team I’d rather root for. @JerryThornton1