PFTThere was no Super Bowl parade in Pittsburgh this year, but there will be a rally for Hines Ward’s victory on a reality TV show. The rally will honor Ward’s victory in “Dancing with the Stars” will be held in front of the City-County building. Both Ward and his dancing partner will attend, and fans are encouraged to wear black and gold and bring terrible towels. “City residents and the Steelers Nation have contacted my office asking for the city to properly thank our hometown hero for once-again shining the spotlight on Pittsburgh,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It’s official. The huge rally Boston threw for Ray Bourque when he won the Stanley Cup in Colorado is no longer the saddest sports-related celebration ever.

Wow.  Talk about lowering your standards!  Where’s the Steel City I used to know?  Where’s the pride, huh?  Where’s the guts?  Pittsburgh used to stand for something.  They were a tough town with high expectations and not easily impressed.  So they willed championships out of the Steelers, the Penguins and even, in my lifetime believe it or not, the Pirates.  Sure, they’d have the occasional superstar out raping the occasional drunk girl.  But at least the population lived by a certain standard of excellence.  Now, they’ll throw a parade because one of their residents wins a reality show.  It’s a sad, sad day but I guess we only have ourselves to blame.  Boston has won so many titles the rest of the country can’t keep up.  So they invent phoney baloney excuses to celebrate non-existent/ irrelevant titles just to save face.  It’s like the Bruins of the ’90s posting Adams Division banners so the rafters don’t look empty next to all the Celtics championships .  Well I hate to break it to Pittsburgh, but if we wanted, we could roll out a Duckboat for Boston Rob winning “Survivor.”  But we’ve got more pride in ourselves than that.  There was a time not long ago when Pittsburgh did too.  Shame.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  Spot on analogy the Ray Bourque parade.  Even coming off 15 years of Boston being “Loserville,” that was the single most humiliating, undignified display in the history of sports.  Until now.