Foxborough, Mass. Plymouth South High School’s Scott Fry has been named this week’s New England Patriots High School Coach of the Week in recognition of his team’s 13-12 comeback, last second victory over previously unbeaten Nauset High School on Friday, Nov. 9. The win clinches the Atlantic Coast title for the first time in school history. Following a Nauset touchdown with 40 seconds left in the game, Fry called a hook-and-ladder play on third down with 20 seconds remaining that resulted in a 62-yard game-winning touchdown.


Great play by Plymouth South blah, blah, blah.   But how do you even look yourself in mirror if you’re Nauset?  I mean I’ve never seen the hook and ladder play work in my life, nevermind falling for it on the last play of the game and giving up a 60 yard TD.   It’s like that 1st and 3rd pickoff play in baseball.  Everybody does it. Never works.    Yet somehow Nauset acted like they’d never seen this play before.  Like it was some elaborate trick play they never could have foreseen coming in this situation.   Weird.