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CHINA — The screams of delight from a male pig placed with five receptive sows led to an erroneous report of an assault last week. A Hanson Road woman called police Jan. 27 after hearing what she believed to be a fight coming from a home separated by woods just a short distance away. The caller feared she had overheard domestic violence at the home. “The caller reported she heard screaming,” according to an activity log provided by Maine State Police. Trooper Thomas Bureau, accompanied by three other troopers, went to the house. Bureau spoke to the neighbor, who raises pigs. “The homeowner stated her male pig was screaming because he was in a pen with five other female pigs in heat,” according to the police report. Police determined there was no assault and no disturbance, “other than the screaming male pig.”


First of all, there’s a China, Maine? Who knew. Anyway I’m not sure why they acted like everything was fine once they found out it was just a male pig in a cage with five chick pigs in heat. Guys don’t scream bloody murder because they’re happy. Dude was probably getting gang raped up and down the walls. Five pig broads at the peak of their horniness just abusing the shit out of his pig dick. I mean a man can only take so much. Yeah I’m sure at first he was pumped to be having a six-way. But after a few hours he’s completely drained and just wants to get some sleep, but the sluts won’t quit slapping his pork stick around the room. He says no, they say yes. One chick squealing “Hold him down!” while the others take turns defiling him. No officers, there’s no domestic assault happening here. But there’s a much worse crime. Rape. Straight up female on male pig rape. It’s all fun and games for the first few nuts. But when you want out and can’t escape and they keep running train on you without mercy, well that’s when it’s time to start screaming for help.