- Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox great Luis Tiant, and Darnell McDonald at the Saturday night awards gala.

So the Boston Globe had a photo gallery of Big Papi’s Golf Tournament that he does in the Dominican every year which is sponsored by Vitamin Water.   It’s a literal who’s who of stars.     (As a sidenote the Sales guy managed to get us invited to Big Papi’s indoor pool party at the Colonade last year, but no invite to this thing.  Nice job Sales guy.) Anyway everybody knows I’m as straight as they come.    Just love chicks and ass and pussy all that good stuff, but even I got to admit I got a little precummy when I saw this picture of Andre Ethier.   Dude is almost in Joe Jonas territory.   I can’t even imagine how much tail he pulls in LA.   Must be fucking nice.   And more importanlty what was Pedroia thinking going toe to toe vs. him in this photo.   God love him, he’ll never back down for a fight, but he just got his ass kicked inside out here.    He looks like a fucking bogie compared to Ethier.