- Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier, Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox great Luis Tiant, and Darnell McDonald at the Saturday night awards gala.

So the Boston Globe had a photo gallery of Big Papi’s Golf Tournament that he does in the¬†Dominican¬†every year which is sponsored by Vitamin Water. ¬† It’s a literal who’s who of stars. ¬† ¬† (As a sidenote the Sales guy managed to get us invited to Big Papi’s indoor pool party at the Colonade last year, but no invite to this thing. ¬†Nice job Sales guy.) Anyway everybody knows I’m as straight as they come. ¬† ¬†Just love chicks and ass and pussy all that good stuff, but even I got to admit I got a little precummy when I saw this picture of Andre Ethier. ¬† Dude is almost in Joe Jonas territory. ¬† I can’t even imagine how much tail he pulls in LA. ¬† Must be fucking nice. ¬† And more importanlty what was Pedroia thinking going toe to toe vs. him in this photo. ¬† God love him, he’ll never back down for a fight, but he just got his ass kicked inside out here. ¬† ¬†He looks like a fucking bogie compared to Ethier.