So we originally tried to do Foam in Portland in September.  Didn’t work.    Some people said it was because it was a Wednesday Night.  Some people said it was because a lame ass competitor of ours went in first and their parties suck so bad that everybody was turned off by Foam.   But you haven’t seen foam till you’ve seen our foam.  Whatever the case may be the people of Portland have seen our videos and have realized the error of their ways and have begged for another shot to redeem themselves.   To be honest I said no, but Sales Guy pushed hard for it.  So here is what we are doing.   We are giving Portland something that people rarely get in life.   A 2nd chance.  We’ve booked it for Saturday Dec 15th.   Last shot.   If you want the best party in America speak now or forever hold your peace.

Tickets for Saturday Dec 15th go on Sale Thursday at Noon.