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Source – A psychologist has slammed the popular ‘selfie’ trend as damaging to young people who post photographs of themselves online in a bid for approval and attention. The trend is popular with celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Helen Flanagan and young people are flocking to social networking sites, sharing every aspect of their lives with huge audiences online. Yet Dr Jessamy Hibberd has warned that the trend leaves these young people vulnerable to abuse. An abundance of ‘selfies’ are being posted to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where people can comment on and ‘like’ the images. Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Hibberd said: ‘Images are a way for young people to seek approval and attention from their peers, however they can also lead to cyber bullying and issues with self confidence.


Hey psychologist, welcome to earth. Why do you think the comment section goes nuts every time a blogger posts a picture of themselves? It’s because pointing out people’s flaws and insecurities is the quickest way to make you feel better about yourself. You throw out a nose joke here, a lazy eye joke there, a few quick tit jokes and a snaggletooth insult and all of a sudden your confidence level is through the roof. It’s called tearing people down to build yourself up and it works like a charm.

Plus it’s not like people can’t see that shit in real life anyway. What, people can only see your hideous deformities on Facebook? Nah, most of us have eyes. If you’re a gargoyle on the internet than you’re a gargoyle in real life. Ugly is ugly, can’t change that.

No but great advice about how people should stop putting pictures of themselves online. Not like anyone is really into that anyway.