(Yahoo)A gimmick intended to be a lighthearted jab at an area rival in Ohio has instead sparked a furious debate over the appropriateness of making light of school cheerleaders who have given birth. As reported by Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC, a pep rally at Perry (Ohio) High in which senior boys dressed as pudgy cheerleaders for rival Massillon was deemed to be in extremely poor taste because of one accessory the faux cheerleaders carried with them: A baby doll. The implication of the insult was clear: Massillon should be embarrassed because a former cheerleader didn’t try out for the 2012 squad because she was pregnant. In fact, those same parents are now calling the entire prep rally program an exhibit in mean-spirited teen bullying.

Pep rallies are no holds barred events. They’re like roasts. The more ridiculous and inappropriate the better. If we start taking that away then America is officially gone. I mean this skit did the job, right? Pep rallies are to get teams excited for the big game. To get everyone talking about it and at each others’ throat. Mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned. If the point of pep rallies was to get everybody happy and feeling good about themselves then we’d all just stand around a campfire and sing kumbaya. This is how it all starts. First they take away the right to make fun of Teen Mom wannabe cheerleaders and next thing you know you can’t even dress up the waterboy in the other teams uniform and tackle the fuck out of him at midcourt.