So I wrote a blog yesterday about wanting a grass bed and it kind of jogged my memory about something more realistic. I think I need a waterbed. Like why don’t more people have waterbeds? Is there something I don’t know about them? Because every-time I’ve ever laid down in one I’ve fallen to sleep instantly. And forget about the sex. You can’t beat it. Not that I’ve ever had sex on a waterbed but it seems straight out of a porno. Almost too sexual. Yet despite this I don’t know anybody who has one. I haven’t seen or heard about them since the 80’s. They came and went like the wind. What gives? It seems like the biggest no brainer in the history of earth. Do any Stoolies have a waterbed? And if not how come? Because I just decided that I don’t want a waterbed. I need one.   Circular like a motherfucker too.