NYDailyNews - A quadriplegic attorney who has sued more than a thousand small businesses for violating the rights of disabled Americans is now being sued himself for sexual harassment. Four former legal assistants of Sacramento, Calif.-based attorney Scott Johnson claim they were fired or forced out of their jobs for finally complaining about their work environment, court documents reveal.The plaintiffs, Jenna Doeuk, Esra Jones, Monthica Kem and Micaela Lucas, say they were forced to dress and undress their boss, place him in swim trunks and then into a hot tub and rub lotion on his body. They say he also looked at the in a sexually suggestive manner.The complaint says the women were also required to complete “personal care” training in which they were forced “to touch Johnson and see his genitals.”The women were “uncomfortable but they were afraid to complain because they thought they would be retaliated against,” the lawsuit said.When it came to hiring new staff, Doeuk said she was under instructions from Johnson not to interview “men, ugly women and anyone over 30.”The sexual harassment lawsuit also alleges that his employees sometimes felt they were engaging in “fraud” to help make a case.


Just a little feel good story to end the night with. Remember that scumbag cripple from this morning who prides himself on suing mom and pop companies under the guise of the American Disabilities Act?  Well apparently he is now being sued for sexual harassment.No it’s not as good as somebody dunking his face in the frialator, but it’s close.

PS – Ordinarily I’d be on his side with this one.  Like let the cripple cop a feel.   Poor guy has had it rough enough.  But not with this asshole.  What goes around comes around.