Quinnipiac student arrested after filming another student’s arrest from The Quinnipiac Chronicle on Vimeo.

QUChronicle - While there are no laws on the books in Connecticut that make filming a police officer illegal, Quinnipiac senior Kenneth Hartford found out on Saturday night that it isn’t quite so simple. According to multiple witnesses, within minutes of Hartford beginning to film a Quinnipiac student being arrested outside of Toad’s Place in New Haven, an officer tackled and handcuffed him. Hartford was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with a Police Investigation. He went on to spend the night in jail at 24 Union Avenue. In a short video that he took on his cell phone before his arrest (viewable above) officers can be heard swearing at Hartford. The officer who ultimately arrested Hartford said, “Put that in your fucking pocket and get the fuck out of here.” When Hartford then tried to capture the officer’s name and badge number on video, the officer shoved him away. According to Quinnipiac senior Dominic Grenga, when Hartford attempted to return to the area to resume filming on his cell phone, he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed. New Haven police spokesperson Officer Joe Avery said that Hartford “kept interfering with officers and was asked to back off.”

I feel for cops. They have a tough job. They really do. People always trying to bust their balls, risking their lives, eating donuts etc. Seriously I wouldn’t wish being an Amherst cop on my worst enemy. But this guys has no excuses here. Kid wasn’t doing anything. Just sitting their videotaping them arrest his buddy. No crime in that. He wasn’t interfering. He wasn’t being rude. He was just documenting what was going on. Bottom-line is that if any cop has the time to notice somebody video taping him and gets mad about it than he is probably isn’t doing his job right in the first place. Like if you’re just being a good cop there is no reason to care if somebody tapes you. In fact if anything you should be happy since it shows you doing your job well and makes people appreciate all the shit you put up with. Obviously not the case here. Don’t worry Quinnipiac the Stool will eventually be back to Toads to save you.