NFL.comThe Tennessee Titans have been awarded wide receiver Randy Moos off waivers, according to NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi. The Titans were the only team to put in a claim for Moss, according to Lombardi. Tennessee is on a bye this week, meaning Moss is likely to hit the field for the Titans in Week 10 when they travel to Miami. The Titans will pick up the remaining $3 million on Moss’ salary for this season.

Meh.  I have to admit this is a bit of a disappointment.  There must be a dozen teams or more that Moss could’ve ended up with that would’ve been a more dramatic story than Tennessee.  Some Patriots rival team like Miami.  Or the Midwest Patriots in KC.  Or some team we’re still going to face like Cleveland would’ve been spectacular.  At the very least I was hoping he’d end up someplace with a vulnerable coach so we could watch the lethal doses of radiation coming off Randy right now quickly kill the guy like the Mr. Spock death scene from “Wrath of Khan.”  But Jeff Fisher is about as secure as any coaching in the league so if Moss acts up, he can just tell him to die in a fire and move on.  Hell, from what I understand, Memphis is world famous for its BBQ so we shouldn’t even get to hear about him harrassing elderly caterers.  Boo.  I guess the only fun we’ll get from a move to Tennessee is watching Moss descend into madness when he keeps getting open 30 yards upfield and Vince Young keeps missing him by 5.

PS.  Only one team claimed him?  After the Pats got 1,300 yards and 13 TDs last year>  It’s good to be us.

PPS.  I don’t know if this is an omen or what, but when you google “Randy Moss Tennessee” you get a story about a  state trooper who offered to let a porn chick named Barbie Cummings out of a ticket if she blew him.   Just a fun fact.