Boston.comTransit police saw a spike in the number of groping reports on the T over the last year, a rise that coincided with a surge in arrests for indecent assault and battery. The increases came a year after the MBTA launched a public awareness campaign that encourages riders to report inappropriate behavior by calling 617-222-1212 or snapping pictures of offenders with their cellphones. The campaign included advertisements on hundreds of trains and trolleys with provocative slogans such as, “Rub against me and I’ll expose you.”

Well first of all I would absolutely rub against that chick in the picture. Damn, she’s fine. But more importantly, this brings up the age old question of when does a “rub up” become a “grope”? Is it the ass grab? The titty twister? Some people say anything short of a “Cleveland Steamer” is perfectly acceptable for the Green Line. Whatever it is, it’s a slippery slope you don’t want to mess with. I mean if we’re just talking about “rub ups”, I could easily file 6 lawsuits today and that’s just from backpacks, bums and fat chicks. Anyway, this whole thing just “exposes” the MBTA’s utter cluelessness when it comes to operating a public transportation system. Hey dudes, how about having more trains running so 5,000 people don’t have to cram into 1 car? Ever think of that? Unfortunately, probably not.

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