My ex girlfriend’s ugly framed gold ‘artwork’ – $30 (East Falmouth/Abyss)

Date: 2012-09-27, 9:35AM EDT
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Craigslist – My girlfriend left 2 months ago and this damned thing is still here. She said its worth $175 but I wouldn’t pay $50 for her AND her ugly picture. I took it off the wall and put it in the garage and now my dogs won’t go in there. It probably has some interesting history like maybe she got it in the infernal pits of hell where she was spawned. Maybe the eternal damned where made to look upon it in everlasting torment until she, for some reason, was let loose upon the earth and brought it with her to plague the living.

If you take it I think it would be neat if you sent her a pic of it hanging on your wall with a comment like, “thanks for the cheap pic, did you know its worth $175? Oh, and your ex is cute.”

Its about 36″ x 24″ (The picture not the Abyss, which is infinite in size)


I feel like the Fratelli’s right now when they had Chunk’s hand in the blender and he was telling them his life story and one of the Fratelli’s is like “Hey I like this guy”.   That’s how I feel at this exact moment   I almost want to buy this thing just to spite his ex and taunt her with it.


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