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A co-worker of mine taped this to her dad’s toilet Sunday morning – talk about a disturbed childhood… This was the actual note she gave him – no card. All of those stories/statements are 100% true.

Does the fact that shes from VT and her dad rarely wears anything but camo help to paint the picture of who this guys is?

I have no idea what’s going on here.  I can’t tell if this is real or fake.   I mean it seems real because it was sent in by a reader and has the local flair to it with the Water Country and Hanover reference, but did these events really happen?  They couldn’t have right?  Like I’m pretty sure if somebody dumped a bucket of garden snakes in the back of a movie theater I would have heard about it.   And if these events did happen was this letter supposed to be funny or does this chick really hate her dad?     The one that makes no sense is the talking Chinese at the McDonald’s drive through because he wanted Burger King.   Honestly who picks Burger King over McDonalds?   I’ve never even heard of that before.  #confused.