Mashable – On Wednesday May 23, Isaac Lamb surprised his girlfriend Amy — a choreographer with a Broadway dancing background — with an elaborate proposal that involved more than 60 people performing down a street. Lamb’s brother sat her in the back of a car with a pair of headphones and told her to listen to the song that played.

So I guess while all the good looking people went to Figawi this weekend all the ugly people did lip dub wedding proposals? That seems about right. Whatever I’m not going to hate on it because I somehow actually got a little teary eyed watching this. Yeah that probably makes me 8% gay, but whatever.  Long story short I gave this video a 9.  The only reason I didn’t give it a perfect score is I’m a firm believer that when you propose you need to be able to fuck instantly afterwards.  That’s the only good thing about getting married.   Proposal sex is legit.    And yes that ugly chick in the red can get it.

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