Boston.com - John Birtwell of Walpole, the pitching coach for the Jamestown Jammers, a minor league affiliate with the Florida Marlins, popped the question to Loula Panagopoulos of Norwood during the fourth inning of the Futures at Fenway game. He set her up by asking the on-field entertainment crew to bring her down and quiz her with Red Sox trivia between innings. After answering correctly, she was offered a choice on the big screen between Box A or Box B as a prize. Upon choosing, the big screen changed to reveal “Loula, Will You Marry ME? – John.” As she turned around, John stepped out from the dugout and was down on a knee. “She said yes and was given her ring,” writes John. “Wonder what would have happened if she chose B?”

Yikes. This is a tough one to pull off and that’s assuming you’re a player in the Futures game and not the pitching coach for the Jamestown Jammers. I’m just not digging the whole in uniform vibe.    Plus this chick has to hate her boyfriend’s job right? I mean he can’t make more than 50 bucks a year doing this and he must travel all over the place.  The girl looks cute so I’m pretty sure the play here is to take her to a romantic restaurant and promise you’ll quit chasing your childhood dream and get a real job to take care of her. Bottomline is cute chicks don’t want to marry single A pitching coaches. They just don’t.

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