No two ways about it, that was pretty funny. Yeah it was the dude with the Jew fro who brought the house down instead of Brady, but isn’t that the Patriot way? You don’t always have to be the star. It’s a team effort. Just go out there and worry about doing your job, not everyone else’s. I thought it was a 7. Plus one bonus point for the hair and you get an 8.

Editor’s NoteThis blog by Feitleberg is the most depressing thing I’ve read all day.    I mean if Feitleberg legit thought this was funny and gave this commercial a 7 than there is no way he can be my replacement right?  Like no joke I wasn’t even going to blog this.   It’s an Under Armour commercial, big whoop.    Like I’m not crazy right?    People don’t really think this was funny do they?    Also as a rule I don’t like posting commercials and giving companies like Under Armour and Dicks free advertising.   It’s not my job to make Funny or Die look good to their clients.   Because now when Funny or Die competes with us for ad dollars they’ll have a bizillion views because we posted this dumb ass video and they’ll brag about how awesome they are at creating viral marketing campaigns when the truth of the matter is this sucks. 

Vote 1 for this was funny and Feitleberg rules and 10 for time to Fire Feitleberg and keep looking for his replacement.    Vote 5 for this was funny but Feitleberg still sucks.

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