And I thought Barstool got risque after dark.   Seriously get nasty Sugar Ray!    Okay here is my guess what happened here.   Ray was texting and tweeting with “TichaPenicheiro” (aka Ticha Penicheiro of the WNBA Monarchs)  He probably meant to just text her the part about his tongue on her clit but by accident he tweeted it for the world to see.   Naturally he says his account has been hacked when he realized what happened.     I don’t know though.   I’ve never heard of anybody’s Twitter account being hacked like this before.   And that was an awful quick recovery by Ray.    Plus it seems pretty unusual for somebody to hack into it at the precise moment he was tweeting with this chick in the first place.    So even though I really have no idea how Twitter works, I’m leaning towards he just fucked up and pressed the wrong button or something.    Although I will admit that Ticha Penicheiro is kind of disgusting looking so I’m not sure why he’d be sticking his dick in her.  But hey if Tiger Woods has taught us anything, it’s that pussy is pussy right?