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Pretty funny back story here.  The kid that got dropped was waiting for a cab in Faneuil Hall.   A car stopped and a kid got out and he jumped in shotgun like it was his car. None of  those kids knew him and when they went to get him out he started getting pissed and the video explains the rest.  I guess you shouldn’t get in somebody’s care you don’t know.


Face meet cement.   Listen did this kid deserve to get knocked out?   Yeah by the sounds of it he probably did.  But I give him credit for his reaction.   “Like ok I’m knocked out cold.  I get it.  I shouldn’t have gotten in the car.  It’s over.  I’m unconscious.  I’m done.  Lesson learned. You win.”


Quick UpdateTurns out the kid who got tossed is a Stoolie.  He just tweeted me a picture of his face with the hashtag #gottossed.   Pretty funny actually.  Fucking Stoolies being Stoolies.