Reader Email

So my wife broke her ankle in six places slipping down retaining wall at BassPro after randy moss game on Halloween October 31 2010.   Pretty simple, she was following the crowd back to car and the path lead to the retaining wall and people were climbing down, she reached it and slipped down about 10 feet, no guard rail no sign no nothing, just a bit of a cliff. She filed a claim against BassPro and they shared info with the landlord (Krafts’ Foxboro Realty Advisors) in late September 2012.  On Friday night October 19, 2012 the Patriots sent me an email saying as of October 16, 2012 MY (nothing to do with wife) 28 year season tickets where revoked for “unauthorized parking on October 31, 2010″.   I believe they knew where I was parked because of deposition from wife or I.  i was depoed in the summer about the incident by the BassPro lawyers.  First time ever in my life. Either way the parking spot was legit. No signs. No attendants saying no etc.

In summary

Date of the accident – Oct 31 2010

Date of filing lawsuit – Summer 2011

Foxboro Realty notified of lawsuit -  late Sept 2012

Date of receiving letter of ticket revoke – I received email revoking tickets October 19, 2012 5:36pm effective October 16, 2012. Yes, they blocked the tickets then told me

 Remember I  did nothing. No injury. No suit. Has nothing to do with me except revenge. My wife actually has another operation on the ankle planned for Nov 16. Maybe they did it for legal leverage, she’ll drop complaint if you give me back tickets. I don’t know. I took wife to game like a good guy. Big game too. Randy Moss comeback game.


Listen if Bob Kraft tells me he needs me to take a bullet for him I’ll take a fucking bullet.  Without him the Patriots don’t exist.   Everybody knows that.   But let’s  call a spade a spade here.  This is flat ruthless.  Even if we give Kraft the benefit of the doubt here and say this guy really did park illegally they are still just taking his tickets away to punish him for his wife suing BassPro.  There is no other way to look at it.  I mean it would be one thing if they caught him illegally parking in the act, but the only reason they even know where he parked is because of the lawsuit.  It’s retroactive.   Like oh you’re going to sue a property where I’m the landlord?  Ok…NO FOOTBALL FOR YOU!   He’s like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld.   I guess you mess with the bull you get the horns, but this is still really petty.  Sure I’d probably do the same thing, but I’m a petty motherfucker.   I guess you don’t become a Mogul by being Mr. Nice guy.