Subject:Bill Belichick Film Room

 Yo Pres,

I’m a player on the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team and we’re all massive stoolies. We have this new pretty sick building for the lacrosse program and we thought there was a part of it that might interest you. One of our film rooms is called the Bill Belichick Film Room. I kid you not. The Dark Lord has his spies everywhere. As I’m sure you know he is a huge lax bro. Sooner or later he will have taken the entire sport of lacrosse. Might even put his own film room on every campus across the country. If you ever decide to come to Baltimore for a game we’ll get you VIP access including a private tour of the greatest lacrosse film room in the history of human civilization.

Here are some pics.

Viva la stool,
JHU Lacrosse

So Bill Belichick not only supports Case Western Reserve University  athletics with his generosity, he’s also built a film room for one of the finest lax programs in the land?  That figures.   I would expect nothing less.  I suppose I could be all hurt and upset that this was addressed to El Pres and not to me.  I mean, he’s the one who tools on lacrosse and the whole lax bro culture every chance he gets.  Whereas I’m the one with a kid on the high school team and who’s actually been to pro lax games.  And who has friends of friends who have actually played the Sport of Kings at Johns Hopkins for that matter.  But you know what?  I’m not.  Because when we all… me, EP, the JHU Lacrosse team, whomever… can find common ground like a deep abiding love for the greatest football coach/ lacrosse enthusiast that’s ever lived, there’s no room for petty jealousy.

Though making what I think is a Harry Potter reference without sending it my way?  That cuts me.  That cuts me deep.  @JerryThornton1