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This is a video of my buddies up at school. After a long night of drinking this is what happened. If you notice at the 1:01 marker the guy who gets knocked out pisses himself. He also ended up with 9 staples in his head.

Hope you enjoy


Is this what college is like now?   Because I never did this shit when I was in school.  I’d just come home, play Fifa and order the 3 small pizza deal from Bell’s Pizza ,which was the cheapest but for some reason I thought the best pizza at Michigan.     None of this fighting shit.   Like I don’t care how shitfaced I am I never like getting smashed in the face.     But this seems to be all the rage now in college.  Like if you don’t get knocked out you’re not cool.

PS – I would have bet my ass the kid in the jeans was the one who was going to get smoked here.     I mean the other kid was pretty cocky for a dude about to get knocked out, crack his head open and piss himself right?