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Pres – First off, I REFUSE to believe Olivia Culpo would fall for this. But, as much as I want to hate on it, I really can’t knock this guy’s incredibly douchey game if during the 1% of the time it works he can hook up with olivia culpo. such a bro email chain i got forwarded, see below.

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 04:47 PM
Subject: Note Game

So my buddy consistently get tail by running “Note Game.” He consistently leaves notes on a cocktail napkin with a hot girl as he walks out of a restaurant. He simply interrupts them mid dinner and says something to the effect of “Hi, sorry to interrupt your dinner but I think you are the most beautiful girl in the restaurant and I just wanted to leave you with this note…” Well remember this chick that my buddy took down with the note game…she won Miss USA on Sunday night


First of all let me just say this. I’ve already had 20 emails from guys saying they know a guy who knows a guy who fucked Miss Universe. It’s like Jessica Biel at Tufts all over again. Everybody knows somebody who ran train on her while she was there. Now as far as this note game goes this can’t work. It just can’t. Like I’m no chick, but they can’t fall for this crap can they? The only thing I can come up with is that if this really works than this dude must look like Bradley Cooper or something. Just so fucking handsome that it doesn’t matter what he does and a chick will be interested. Kind of like that Tom Brady SNL skit where it’s not sexual harassment if you’re handsome. Because everything being equal this note game SUCKS. Ladies am I right or am I right? Please tell me you wouldn’t fall for this.

Vote 1 for instant psychopath and he better be hot and have huge dick and 10 for it’s kind of cute


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