Reader Email

The Director of tufts crew suspended the team from racing at new England championships and took away the captaincy of two guys for wearing these shirts to spring fling. Some feminist reported them, then the director of rowing voluntarily suspended them for the race so the student wouldn’t have to deal with the administration. Thanks for sticking up for the team! The dean said the picture was too phallic and promoted aggression and rape. Judge for yourself.

This story is so preposterous that it can’t be true.   It just can’t.  But at the same time I know it is.  I can feel it in my bones.    Plus who would ever make this up?  It’s too far fetched..  Nope only batshit crazy feminists and delusional school administrators would be capable of combining forces to come up with something this asinine.  Somewhere in a dark alley Brian Shapiro weeps gently…

PS – If you got any more info on this story send it to me….