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These pictures were taken at Barry Zito’s $9 mil, 6k sqft, Tuscan Mansion about 20 miles north of SF in Marin County.

I wonder what Deadspin would have done if they had these pictures?  Tease them for 2 weeks and then write a huge story about it and then all the idiots across the internet would act like they cured cancer?   Probably.   Well we’ll just throw them up there and say that Pat the Bat is a freak and I kind of wish I were him because that blond chick is making blood rush to my dick like a motherfucker.  Then I’ll post another blog in 30 minutes because that’s what we do.  Relentless execution for the love of the game not for the fame and fortune.

PS – Being a pro athlete is such a fucking racket I can’t stand it.