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Hey Prez,
so i was at the Celtics game on Friday night midning my own damn biznass when i get a glimpse of this total douche sitting in front of me.  This shit should just be down right illiagal.  Once i tipped off the drunken retards next to me (North Shore kids with that dirty mass accent we all love) they pretty much heckled the dude right outta the Garden.  “Who raised you!” and “Where the fuck are you from??” were my favorites.
thoughts?  does this Bieber jersey get this guy laid????  maybe by fags right?

If it was 2 years ago I’d be convinced this is Welker in “disguise” but since I know he fucks with Dr. Leonard now, that ain’t the case. Anyway I wish like hell that this was at a Pats game. Because I need to love this jersey. It’s a 10 out of 10. One of my favorite Pats players and one of my favorite people in history. It’s a can’t miss get-up. Unless you’re wearing it at the Garden. Then, and only then, it’s obnoxious. That’s my biggest pet peeve in life: people who wear jerseys or hats to games that have nothing to do with the game. Like a Yankees hat at a Sox/Orioles game or a sweet Bieber/Welker jersey at the Celtics. Just doesn’t make sense. So Gillette = laid, Garden = wasted talent. Simple math.

PS – I don’t want to shake up old memories but Bieber catches that ball in the Super Bowl. Guaranteed.

PPS – what kind of bet did this guy lose to sit next to a bunch of Massholes in that jersey for an entire game? Nice jersey you queer! You ain’t from Southie! So this is a Harvard bar? Must have been hell.

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