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El Pres,

I used to go to school with this kid and haven’t seen him in years. If this actually gets him laid, then I’ve lost hope in broads all together…excluding the obnoxious hair. That’s an issue in itself.


I think I speak for everybody when I ask what happens if the Bruins win the Stanley Cup this year? The B’s logo has to go somewhere right? Maybe two little logos inside the Red Sox logo? That’s the only place it works. And he has to do it too. Because if the B’s win and he doesn’t update the tattoo he might as well have not even gotten it in the first place. I mean what chick would bang him then?

PS – Kid looks like he went to Hoover High with that hair cut.

Anyway time to vote. Vote 1 for no way this tattoo gets him ass and 10 for it makes chicks wet as shit


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