I literally spit out my coffee when I saw this picture and I wasn’t even drinking any. That’s how funny I think this thing¬†is. Now generally we don’t do anything remotely humanitarian around here, but maybe it’s time we try. Do you think we could somehow get Youk and Pedroia to sign this thing? How awesome would that be? Sure it may be a pipe dream, but I’m thinking¬†if we generate enough of a¬†groundswell of support there is a 14% we could get it done¬†. So screw the does this tire cover get this guy laid question. The new question is whether we should try and get Youk and Pedroia to sign this somehow?

Vote 1 for yes that would be hilarious and vote no for it’s a waste of time and who cares anyway


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- Thanks to Jeremy Levenson and Ben “Big Ez” Landers of worcester for the pic